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2012 Popcorn Awards

posted Oct 16, 2012, 9:33 AM by Richard Gee   [ updated Oct 16, 2012, 9:36 AM ]
Here is the Pack 80 popcorn information:

Important Dates and Information:
  • The selling season will be done at the end of October. If you want to continue to sell or if customers wants more popcorn, is available year round.
  • For the scouts that have picked up physical popcorn to do a show and sell, Please return all unsold popcorn in sell-able condition before Oct 19.
  • Please turn in your popcorn forms at the Oct pack meeting. Please write the trails-end popcorn prize you want. All popcorn that we cannot ful-fill using existing inventory will be ordered and arrive Nov 16.
If you have not already shown me your popcorn form that you have made 5 sales, show me at the next pack meeting to collect a popcorn prize.
Let me know if your scout has made more than $600 in sales, so I can enter your scout in the Pacific Skyline Council $600 club.
For every $600 of popcorn the scout sells, he gets a ticket in the weekly drawing for a $50 gift card. The tickets are carried over until he wins or the popcorn selling ends.
Here is an overview of the popcorn prizes from Pack 80:
1. Make 5 sales and get a popcorn prize.
2. Top 2 sellers of each den gets prizes.
3. Den with highest per Cub avg gets Pizza
4. Den with avg sales more > $500 gets Ice Cream
5. Any Scout selling >$750 gets either 4 movie tickets or gets to throw a pie in his Den Leaders face
6. Any Scout selling >$1000 gets either 4 3D movie tickets or gets to throw a pie in the Committee Chairs face
For calculating the average, I might have to normalize it to make it fair due to Den size variance.
**** Special Popcorn Kernel Prize. ****
 We have cubs that have sold over $1000. This is a huge accomplishment. At the Oct Pack meeting, anyone with $1000 in popcorn sales can throw a pie in the Popcorn Kernels face. Please let me know before the next Pack meeting so I can have the pies ready.
7. At the Sept Pack meeting, the Pack Selling Awards program where individual sales may be applied towards Pack events was announced:
After the first $40 of sales, popcorn sales may be applied towards specific Awards.
    $45.00 Ice Skating
    $180.00 Santa Cruz Overnighter
    $210.00 USS Hornet Overnighter
    $180.00 Cub-On
These awards may be applied to a Cub or family members.  For example, a Cub having $120 in sales will receive $90.00 in awards. The $90 could be used to receive two Ice Skating Awards for himself and a family member.
Awards may be selected in any combination.  For example, a Cub selling $400, will receive $360.00 in awards. The $360 could be used to receive a Santa Cruz Overnighter and Cub-On. Unused awards are not carried over to next year.
8. The Trails End Prizes can be found on your popcorn forms.
9. Pacific Skyline Council prizes:
$600 club with weekly $50 gift card raffle.
Pacific Skyline Council also has the following top seller awards:
$800 sellers gets $30 gift card to camping activities and an invitation to a top sellers party
$1200 sellers gets $60 gift card to camping activities and an invitation to a top sellers party plus a special gift card.
Last years Top Sellers Party was to go to watch the Harlem Globetrotters.