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Popcorn 2013

posted Sep 9, 2013, 10:09 PM by Pack 80   [ updated Nov 19, 2013, 12:56 PM by Richard Gee ]

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If you are interested in doing your own sell, please make arrangements with me to pickup the popcorn and forms. If you are unable to sell the popcorn, please return it back to me by the end of September.

An easy way to sell is to sign up for the group sell and we will divide the sales between the Scouts attending.To sign up, Click on the highlighted Popcorn 2013 Sign Up at

For any selling, your Scout needs to be in Class A uniform.

To see the popcorn we are selling and the Trails End prizes, the form can be downloaded at Take Order form

Your sales are rewarded by the Pack awarding Pack activities. Any unused awards goes back to the Pack at the end of the year to help keep down our registration fee.

The Pack prizes are:

Den with highest per Cub avg gets Pizza
Den with avg sales more > $500 gets Ice Cream
Any Scout selling >$750 gets either 4 movie tickets
Any Scout selling >$1000 gets either 4 3D movie tickets
The Pack Selling Awards program where individual sales may be applied towards Pack events will be the same as last year:

After the first $40 of sales, popcorn sales may be applied towards specific Awards.
    $45.00 Ice Skating
    $180.00 Santa Cruz Overnighter
    $240.00 Approx - Depends on Overnighter
    $180.00 Cub-On
    $225.00 Pack registration fees for next year

These awards may be applied to a Cub or family members.  For example, a Cub having $120 in sales will receive $90.00 in awards. The $90 could be used to receive two Ice Skating Awards for himself and a family member.
Awards may be selected in any combination.  For example, a Cub selling $400, will receive $360.00 in awards. The $360 could be used to receive a Santa Cruz Overnighter and Cub-On. Except for Pack registration, unused awards are not carried over to next year.

Thank You for your Support in Pack 80.