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2015 Popcorn

posted Sep 1, 2015, 4:31 PM by Pack 80   [ updated Sep 15, 2015, 9:24 PM ]
Sign up for popcorn sale at Moffett Field Commissary click here:

For Scouters looking to Sell Popcorn - here it is.

Popcorn season is September to end of October. Pack 80 does not have any requirements for you to sell popcorn. We no longer subsidize our Pack with popcorn sales.

We sell Popcorn because it can be fun, provides good experience, pays for our Pack activities, and helps our Pack account.

Popcorn commission is 1/3 of our sales comes back to Pack 80 with another 1/3 going to our Pacific Skyline Council. Pack 80 gives most back of our commission back to the selling scout by awarding it towards Pack events.

Popcorn Commission Awards for 2015 are:

    $15.00 per person Ice Skating
    $60.00 per person Cub-On
    $72 per Child and $78 per Adult SF Zoo Overnighter
    $85.00 per person Monterey Bay Aquarium Overnighter
    $125.00 per Scout Pack registration fees for next year

These awards may be applied to the Cub and his family members.  For example, a Cub having $150 in sales will earn $50 in commission awards. The $50 can be used for 3 x $15 Ice Skating Awards for his family. The remaining $5 would not be usable since the amount is lower than the lowest Pack award. The $5 when than go back to the Pack.

Awards may be selected in any combination. Except for Pack registration, unused commissions can not be carried over to next year.

There are 4 ways to sell:
                Pack 80 group sells
                Take your own popcorn and do your own selling
                Sell from the order form
                Sell online

If you are interested in doing taking popcorn and doing your own sell, please make arrangements with me to pickup the popcorn and forms. If you are unable to sell the popcorn, please return it back to me by the end of October.

An easy way to sell is to sign up for a group sells. We divide the sales between the Scouts attending. To sign up, Click on the highlighted Popcorn 2015 Sign Up at (not ready yet)

For any selling, your Scout needs to be in Class A uniform.

To get more information, to see the popcorn we are selling, Trails End prizes, Pacific Skyline Council prizes..., please go to

I will also provide the forms at your next Den meeting.

Our Pack has the following prizes:

    Den with highest per Cub avg gets Pizza
    Den with avg sales > $500 gets Ice Cream
    Any Scout selling > $750 gets either 4 movie tickets
    Any Scout selling > $1000 gets either 4 3D movie tickets
    ***Any scouting selling more than $600 gets to turn a pie in my face***

Thank You for your Support in Pack 80 and Scouting.