A cub scout pack is made up of several dens. The make up and size of the pack varies based on local interest and resources. Each pack is identified by a number. A den is a small group of Cub Scouts who are the same gender and typically in the same grade. The ideal size is 6 to 8 Cub Scouts.

Each den has a unique den number and is led by a den leader and an assistant den leader.

 Den Name
Den Number
 2  1st
 Wolf  6  2nd
 Bear  1  3rd
 Webelos I
 5  4th
 Webelos II
 3  5th
 Family  7  1st-5th (girls)

Den leaders and pack leaders are listed here.

Advancement Trails for all ranks
Cub Scout activities are centered around earning badges that are specific to each school grade level. This badge represents a rank. Advancement refers to the progress a Cub Scout makes toward their badge of rank. All of the activities for each rank are in the Cub Scout handbooks.