Registration Information

Pack 80 is a volunteer led group, the pack revenue comes from registration dues and from fund raising; like our annual Trails-End Popcorn sales.

Annual Pack registration dues for 2018-2019

            $125/year per Scout payable to Pack 80 ($33 goes to Boy Scouts and $12 goes to Boy's Life Magazine)
This amount covers the council fees, your first Pack T-shirt, the cost of all awards, insurance for registered members on Pack outings, as well as the cost of some activities.  The larger activities are Pay as You Go, with Individual Popcorn sale awards being applied to these activities.

No boy is turned away: Every boy is entitled to the same scouting experience regardless of a families ability to pay. A scholarship fund has been established for families facing a financial hardship. For more information, contact the Cubmaster or the Committee Chair.

Fair Share:
        $185/year or in any amount you are comfortable with - payable to BSA
The Fair Share program is voluntary donation but highly encouraged to cover the costs associated with providing Scouting to your boy from Pacific Skyline Council. Each year, the Pacific Skyline Councils spends approximately $185 on each young person in the program. This cost covers things like insurance, program support, camp maintenance etc. Scouting is designed to be affordable for everyone, so participation in the program is entirely voluntary, but the success program is vital to the continuation of Scouting in our region.

Pack 80 requires uniforms only from the waist up at all regular pack meetings, den meetings, council events, and occasionally at outings.  The uniform consists of the official Cub Scout shirt, belt, neckerchief, slide, and hat.  Solid blue color jeans that compliment the uniform should be worn, or you may purchase the optional official Cub Scout uniform camp pants .  Camouflage style pants are strongly discouraged by the Boy Scouts of America, we are not a military organization.  For most outings appropriate clothing and the Pack 80 T-shirt is all that is required. 

Uniforms can be purchased at the Scout Shop at the council office, their staff can assist you in determining what you need.  You can also purchase uniforms online from Scouts who for reasons beyond their control are unable to purchase a new uniform are requested to contact the committee chair or the cub master to get their uniforms.

Becoming a leader
Cub Scouts is not possible without the help of adult leaders.  The biggest reason people don't become leaders is they are unfamiliar with the program.  Well most of your current leaders were in the same position when they volunteered.  But they chose to help provide a quality program for their sons.  Will you simply provide transportation for your son and allow others to provide a program for him?  Or will you be an active participant in some of the best times you son will ever have?

The new Cub Scout 2010 program promises to make training better, easier, and more accessible.   Every family should find a way to help the pack.  There are uniformed leadership positions, behind the scenes chairs of different sub committees as well as simply serving on the committee or a sub committee.  Let the Cubmaster or Committee Chair know if you are interested in helping out.  They can pair your interests and expertise with the pack needs.

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